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“oil waste recycling” project paves the way for Egypt’s Vision 2030

A new green project joins the list of green projects that hope that the society will be completely free from disasters and problems caused by emissions harmful to the climate and affecting, of course, all aspects of life, the first of which is human health. Humiliation to reduce and eliminate climate change.

Recycling of waste oils
Muhammad Abdel-Ghani, one of the founders of the “oil waste recycling” project, said that he had been searching and struggling for two years to reach a technology through which he could convert oil into biofuel, and indeed this year he reached a method called “pyrolysis” that helps with that and with good results that were analyzed And comparing it with “diesel” oil through testing on different applications such as: the diesel engine that was tested on a system that simulates aircraft engines and the boiler lighter system of power stations.

Abdel-Ghani added that the results of the test at the beginning were not the best thing compared to “diesel” oil, which prompted him to work on the project a lot and focus on how to improve its properties, explaining that he has now reached a product that works to reduce oil combustion emissions to become less emitting than “diesel”. It achieves the same efficiency and is 20% as available in the market.

Motor oils for cars, ships and factories
One of the founders of the “recycling of waste oils” project confirmed that the cost and sale price of the product will be lower than “diesel” oil, because the project mainly aims to recycle the waste oils of motor vehicles, ships and factories.

Abdel-Ghani added that he was aspiring to increase the production of the project by finding another source of waste other than oils that could be recycled and converted into biofuels, and from here he came up with the idea of exploiting the garbage, as it is separated into a part for food and another part that includes plastic, rubber, carbon, and others, where The project works to exploit this part and convert it into biofuel, following the steps and system of converting automobile oil.

One of the founders of the “oil waste recycling” project indicated that he experimented with putting a percentage of car oils with a percentage of garbage, and the results were good in terms of the revenue generated from biofuels, adding in his speech that the project also cared and worked on recycling cooking oil, but what It is legitimate to distinguish that it is a second source of biofuel that no one has worked on before, which is car oil and garbage, whose daily production in Qalyubia Governorate exceeds approximately 4 tons.

Abdel-Ghani pointed out that the “recycling of oil waste” project has a close relationship with climate change, because the method by which the oil is disposed of is burning, which results in a high percentage of carbon dioxide in the air and will certainly affect climate changes. The project has reached a final result. It is that the percentage of emissions resulting from the burning of “diesel” oil sold at gas stations is lower than the percentage of emissions from burning the oil of the project, and this means a decrease in the percentage of carbon in the air to reduce climate changes.



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