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Masdar City lays the foundation stone for the region’s first zero-energy shared building

Masdar City, the research and development complex, has laid the foundation stone for its new project, The Link, an innovative 30,000 square meter development featuring the region’s first zero-energy shared living and working building.

A building is considered net-zero energy when it produces energy from sustainable sources equal to the amount of energy required to operate the building.


The Link project includes the development of a joint zero-energy laboratory, and includes many office and residential spaces, in addition to four other low-carbon buildings with space designated for hosting events, public squares, shaded outdoor spaces, and a variety of recreational and fitness facilities and shops. The project is expected to create more than 2,000 job opportunities in the country.

Ahmed Baghoum, Acting CEO of Masdar City, said: “The Link sets a new paradigm for sustainable communities by developing a shared space for living and working, and connecting it with shared spaces for shopping, playing, relaxing and moving around. The project is a major embodiment of the green footprint of Masdar City in the field of sustainable urban development, and is also a way to express our appreciation for declaring 2023 the Year of Sustainability in the UAE, in preparation for hosting the Conference of the States Parties (COP28).

During the groundbreaking ceremony, it was announced that DUTCO has been chosen as the contractor for the project. Zayed Baqer, Executive Director of the Contracting Division of Dutco, said: “Masdar City has a rich heritage of sustainable construction and innovation, which makes it an ideal partner for us. We are really honored to be involved in the implementation of this project.”

One of the most important factors behind choosing Dutco to implement the project is its high score in the In-Country Value (ICV) certificate, which represents the amount of benefit that the company’s business adds to the UAE economy.

Integration of international sustainability principles

Martin Berschmidt, CEO of Edge, which designed the project, said: “Our main priority was to combine the international sustainability principles that Masdar City is known for with world-class living, work and leisure spaces to create a distinctive architectural landmark and a pioneering community experience.”

energy efficient structures

The Link project will be constructed according to the LEED platinum rating criteria (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), gold rating according to the WELL system for measuring the quality of indoor health, and the “four pearls” rating for the pearl rating system for buildings. of the “Estidama” program, and the silver classification of the “LEED SmartPark” system, with an annual energy reduction of up to 117%.

The project uses energy-saving structures, in addition to many elements of sustainability, including the use of highly efficient heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, energy consumption monitoring systems, and the use of A-star rated devices for energy efficiency. Renewable energy sources will be used to provide the electricity needed for the project.

The project will include sustainable residential units consisting of two, three and four bedrooms, with a total area of approximately 6,000 square meters. Residents of these units will enjoy a yard that includes shaded play areas, a climbing wall, various sensory games, a trampoline jumping platform, a wellness area, and more.

4 floors of office and commercial space

The project includes 4 floors of designated offices and commercial space with a total area of 15,000 square meters, including 500 square meters of retail and restaurant space on the ground floor and courtyards.

The project also includes a multi-use hall with a visitor center with a total area of 3,300 square meters, to host conferences and exhibitions, with its own area for shops on the ground floor in addition to a restaurant overlooking the balcony on the first floor. The auditorium has a capacity of 300 seats and is equipped with the latest technology and equipment.

The Link will connect all areas of Masdar City through transportation networks, to establish a transitional path between the Light Electric Train (LTR) system and the mass rapid transit network, and allocate bicycle paths, bus stations, electric charging outlets, car-sharing facilities, and parking spaces for 1,255 vehicles.



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