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Mahmoud Mohieldin: Youth is a key element in setting plans and implementing climate action

Dr. Mahmoud Mohieldin, climate pioneer for the Egyptian presidency of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Convention on Climate Change (COP27) and the United Nations Special Envoy for Financing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, stressed that youth represent a key element in the development of perceptions and plans as well as the practical implementation of climate action.

Mohieldin said, during his participation in the session “Enhancing the access of non-governmental parties to finance climate action” within the activities of Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week, that the twenty-seventh Conference of the Parties in Sharm El-Sheikh witnessed the establishment of the first pavilion for youth and children at the level of climate conferences, and witnessed the participation of a large number of young people. And children with inspiring ideas in the field of environment and climate.

Mohieldin explained that climate action in general needs leadership capable of decision-making, scientific and technological solutions, and adequate and fair financing for climate projects, explaining that the UAE leadership provides a pioneering model as it benefits from past lessons and looks forward to the future to build a prosperous present in all fields.

Mohieldin stressed the importance of science and technological solutions in the field of climate, explaining that scientific solutions contributed to the increase and diversity of renewable energy projects and led to increased investment in these projects.

Raed Al-Manakh stated that financing climate action needs to take into account reducing the debts of developing countries so that they can achieve their development and climate goals, and find projects that can be invested and financed. This is what the initiative of the five regional forums launched by the Egyptian presidency of the twenty-seventh Conference of the Parties, in cooperation with the regional economic commissions, succeeded in achieving. of the United Nations and the Climate Pioneers team, as well as the need to activate innovative mechanisms for financing and pumping it into climate action areas most in need.



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