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“Long Live Egypt” is the world’s first electric floating Egyptian dredger


Major General A. H. Walid Hussein, Director General of the National Service Projects Authority, said that the sand factories project consists of several units and factories for concentration and mineral separation, the most important of which is the floating concentration plant in Burullus, which includes the floating dredging “Long Live Egypt” to be the first production of the first environmentally friendly dredging in the world. It works by electricity, and it dredges black sand and pushes it to the floating concentration plant attached to it to extract economic minerals and return the remaining sand to its places again in order to preserve the levels without causing any environmental changes.

The Black Sands project and the Long Live Egypt quarry Hussein explained during his speech at the opening ceremony of the Black Sand Factories Complex in Kafr El-Sheikh, in the presence and honor of President Sisi, that the project includes a complex of separation factories on an area of ​​80 acres and consists of 6 factories for the production of economic minerals, a building for specialized laboratories and a unit for research and development, indicating that it was established Two plants for mineral separation and 17 concentration units on the shores of the regions of Ghalyoun, Rashid, Damietta and Lake Manzala, through the use of the Long Live Egypt dredging, within the framework of investing in the ore along the coast



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