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 Lead Free Cities is a project to eliminate factory emissions

The “Lead Free Cities” project was not just a graduation project for university students whose goal is to complete a project to finish their academic career, but rather their ambitions to participate in the Global Climate Summit 2022.

Bassant Mahmoud, one of the founders of the “Lead Free Cities” project, said that the idea of the project arose a year ago after the World Health Organization published that Egypt did not have control over lead emissions that cause poisoning, hence the actual work on the project began, as its founders communicated with a number of factories. which they realized had air louvers, air vents, and fresh air hoses to freshen the air.

Mahmoud added that the goal of the “Lead Free Cities” project is to recycle agricultural waste instead of burning it, which helps reduce emissions, stressing that a material is extracted from these violations, such as: reed husk, which is used in a filter to absorb lead emissions resulting from factories and heavy elements. .

Using the filter to get rid of the problem of lead emissions

One of the founders of the project explained that the reason behind using the filter to get rid of the problem of lead emissions is that if the temperatures rise, it will affect the soil and plants, in addition to the occurrence of strong winds laden with dust.

Mahmoud stressed that there are many losses resulting from lead emissions, which affect the environment and human health, and may affect the economy later.

And one of the founders of the “Lead Free Cities” project continued that the project is currently in a business incubator, working on teaching them how to reach customers, and it is supposed to end on the first of next November.

The project participated in several competitions to obtain funding and communicate the idea to the public. The project won third place in the Ain Shams Faculty of Science competition and also participated in the university competition.



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