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Lack of rain threatens livestock and agricultural crops in Tunisia

Tunisia is facing a decline in the water level in dams, which prompted it to think of radical solutions to this problem, which has become a major threat to its food security and agricultural crops. Fathi Ben Khalifa, head of the Regional Union of Agriculture in Tunisia, said, during a report on the “Cairo news” channel, that water scarcity requires collective cooperation to confront this problem, which mainly affects food security.

He added that the lack of rain mainly affected the activity of livestock breeding, especially in light of the high prices of fodder, affected by the Russian-Ukrainian crisis. For his part, Adel Al-Hentati, a Tunisian water expert, added that his country relies on surface water and beyond dams, stressing that these two sources have recently been affected by a lack of rain.

The Maghreb countries, in general, suffer from a water shortage, due to the clear decline in rainfall rates during the past years, which prompted the governments of these countries to run a race against time to contain the repercussions of the crisis.



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