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How did Egypt succeed in reducing the transport and industry sectors?..An expert answers

Dr. Mostafa Murad, head of the Air Quality Department at the Ministry of Environment, said that the Egyptian state has taken a number of important steps to confront climate changes in the transport and industry sectors, especially since overcoming the climate crisis cannot take place without rethinking mobility because the transport sector is the second largest source of energy. The Egyptian government has drawn up a plan for an environmentally friendly and safe mobility ecosystem that reduces greenhouse gas emissions by expanding mass transportation systems, public transportation for all and non-motorized transportation, including walking and cycling.

 Murad explained that Egypt has embarked on the construction of a huge road network, and until the beginning of this year, a total of 4,800 km of new roads have been constructed that conform to international standards out of 7,000 km that are planned for completion during the next few years. Moreover, 5,000 have been developed. km of existing roads and the completion of the construction of 756 bridges. Where the new road network and bridges helped the city to increase.

 Dr. Mustafa Murad pointed out that the average vehicle speed is important, thus reducing the journey time by 25%, and thus reducing fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions by 30% in crowded areas, and at the industrial level, one of the most important causes of climate change at the global level. Egypt has taken serious steps towards moving to A “third industrial revolution” that focuses on the efficient use of resources in a climate-friendly manner, relying on smart energy systems and integrated resource management to achieve growth.



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