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How did Egypt succeed in reducing the greenhouse gases emissions in both transportation and industrial sectors .. an expert explained

التغيرات المناخية

Mentioned by dr. Mostafa Mourad the head of air purification in ministry of environment; that the Egyptian nation has crossed several fundamental steps to fight the climate change regarding the industries and transportation vehicles.

As overcoming the climate crisis, there is no way to do so without rethinking about transportation as this sector is believed to be the second largest polluting causing an increase in the greenhouse gases emissions in Egypt. The Egyptian government has put a sustainable strategy that is environmentally friendly and safe; this is achieved through the expansion in the shared transportation systems and the public transportation network, also promotion of mechanical transportation such as bikes and scooters.

Additionally, Egypt has intended to implement a huge road network project that will be done by the end of the current year. The established network exceeded 4800 km of new roads that matched the ideal international standards, aiming for the goal of 7000 km intended to be completed in the few upcoming years.

Moreover, up to 5000 km of old roads were renovated and also 756 bridges were established to facilitate navigation and avoid traffic.
The implemented roads network and newly established bridges in big cities helped to accelerating the average speed of vehicles and reduced the time required of the ride by 25% in total, which accordingly limited the oil and gas consumption and hence the emitted greenhouse gases by 30% in crowded areas.

Added by dr. Mourad, that on the industrial level, which is a main source of greenhouse gases production globally; Egypt has stepped seriously towards a “third industrial revolution”; that will be focusing on effective and responsible use of resources in an environmentally sustainable manner, and depends on smart and green energies, and proper management of resources complementarily to achieve economic growth.

Furthermore, in the Egyptian framework of combating climate change by limiting the carbon emissions; the Egyptian government has promoted the shift from heavy petroleum oils to natural gas to reduce the carbon footprint; as well as expanding the new applications using renewable energies.




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