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Environmental studies expert: Egypt has 32 reserves that have preserved biological diversity

Dr. Abd al-Masih Semaan, a professor of environmental studies, said that biological diversity is a blessing from God Almighty, and it includes 3 classifications, which are the diversity of species, diversity within species, and diversity of the environment. By species diversity, what is meant by species diversity is that when God Almighty created this environment, He created in it multiple species, whether animal or vegetarianism

“Samaan” added in a television intervention that he means the diversity of environments, the diversity of places and regions in which living organisms live, whether animal or plant, as some plants live in the desert and others live in cold or hot areas, etc. On the streets have many types.

Egypt is a pioneer in the field of biodiversity conservation
He continued that the country played an important role in the biodiversity file, pointing out that the COP15 held in Canada was launched several years after the COP on biodiversity hosted by Egypt, which confirms that Egypt was a pioneer in this regard.

More than 32 nature reserves have preserved the species from extinction
The professor of environmental studies praised the efforts made by Egypt with regard to biodiversity, including increasing the number of natural reserves to more than 32 reserves representing a large area of the Arab Republic of Egypt, and is characterized by its huge diversity of cultural and cultural heritage or reserves of a special nature or tourist reserves, and from Through all these reserves, Egypt has managed to preserve many species that would otherwise have gone extinct.



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