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 Earthwarriorz platform to educate children about climate and the environment for free

Iman Danish, an 11-year-old Pakistani climate education activist who believes in action more than words, has developed a free-to-use climate education portal for children under 15 to build their capacity and support the sale of eco-friendly toys.

And the child, Iman Danesh, announced that the portal is currently available in English and is operating in Pakistan and the Caribbean, and the portal will soon be launched in Arabic for the Middle East and North Africa region, explaining that she has developed the platform’s website and has successfully used more than 5,000 children, and the platform hosts internal training courses on climate change. Environment for free, and also provides a unique opportunity for organizations working for climate change and environmental awareness to host their content and create a competitive online education in the aforementioned field.

The platform also aims to create awareness among children for the use of environmentally friendly games, including the following models:

– Visa doll: 100% cotton eco-friendly cultural doll

– Wooden boards: Handmade wooden boards with a variety of playing options. Kids will be able to use their imaginative skills to build amazing architecture using wooden panels, and these panels are made from FSC certified wood scrap, hence 100% eco-friendly.



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