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“Dina Ghaith” paintings decorate Sharm El-Sheikh airport before the Climate Summit

In conjunction with the approaching start of the COP 27 World Climate Summit, scheduled to be held from November 6 to November 18 of the same month, a woman over the age of fifty decided to be part of this global event.

Dina Ghaith, the designer of the paintings, said that the idea of her paintings arriving at Sharm El-Sheikh airport and decorating it with them in order to welcome its guests came to her several days ago without prior planning.
She added that she was not a graduate of the Faculty of Fine Arts, but she loved and loved drawing from a young age, and discovered her ability to draw after she was over the age of fifty, and from here she began to develop her talent and develop it by joining a “portrait workshop” until her artistic paintings decorate Sharm El-Sheikh Airport now in reception Guests of the World Climate Conference, and before that decorate Cairo Airport.

Ghaith stated that she is very grateful to her family and those close to her for providing a helping hand and the continuous encouragement that brought out all these creations that won the admiration of many travelers, as she hopes that her paintings will reach the world, and she advised every woman to strive for self-realization because the talented ambition does not know a certain age to achieve it.



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