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cooperation protocol to support environmental action between the environment and civil aviation

Within the framework of implementing the state’s plan to confront the problems of pollution of all kinds and reduce the effects of climate change, and joint coordination between the Ministries of Aviation and the Environment, Dr. Yasmine Fouad, Minister of Environment, and Lieutenant General Mohamed Abbas, Minister of Civil Aviation, signed a protocol for cooperation between the two ministries to support environmental work, at the Cultural and Educational Center, Cairo House, in the presence of Dr. Ali Abu Sunna, CEO of the Environmental Affairs Agency, and the leaders of the two concerned ministries.


At the beginning of the meeting, the Minister of Environment held a meeting with the Minister of Civil Aviation, and thanked him for the efforts of the Ministry of Civil Aviation at the Cop27 Climate Conference, which added success to the successes of the conference to reach the highest level regarding the role of the Ministry of Civil Aviation, pointing to the importance of joint work between the two ministries to support environmental work and add more One of the areas of cooperation between the two ministries within the framework of the signed cooperation protocol.
The Minister of Civil Aviation expressed his thanks and appreciation for the efforts of Dr. Yasmine Fouad to support environmental work, especially efforts to address the effects of climate change. The uses of biofuels, which Egypt will witness in the coming period, expand its use in the field of aviation.


The Minister of the Environment stated that the ministry has completed the strategy for economies emanating from vital materials, which was worked on a year ago, and which reviews the depletion of oil energy and how to move in the path with the alternative that many countries have started working on is biodiesel, which is one of the new ideas that began to appear on the horizon globally. With energy problems and high costs, which contributes to opening new horizons for environmental investment and green job opportunities that are environmentally friendly.

The Minister of Environment referred to a proposed project to submit to the Global Environment Facility to establish a solar power station at some airports and move towards biofuels as part of projects to be submitted for funding from the Global Environment Facility related to biodiversity, desertification and climate change.


The minister also drew attention to the interactive map project for climate changes in cooperation with the Military Survey Authority to determine the effects of climate changes on various regions in the Arab Republic of Egypt in the future in cooperation with the relevant ministries and the Meteorological Authority, which is a distinguished work to support environmental work between the two ministries.

The protocol signed between the Ministries of Civil Aviation and the Environment includes providing all necessary facilities to establish and develop cooperation relations between the two ministries in the field of environmental protection and achieving sustainable development goals to serve various community issues and everything related to development projects, especially those related to increasing environmental and health awareness and achieving more field benefits in the field of community development. And environmental service to reduce pollution resulting from aviation activity in the areas surrounding airports, agencies and subsidiaries.


The two sides also agreed to cooperate with each other on exchanging environmental experiences and information, holding training and educational courses and workshops between the two sides, implementing awareness campaigns in the areas of air quality and protection from noise, as well as environmental emergency plans, and developing early warning mechanisms for environmental crises and disasters using meteorological results data, in addition to changes. To develop mechanisms to mitigate and reduce emissions resulting from civil aviation activities, as well as to adapt to the risks and negative effects of the phenomenon of climate change through actions and action plans directed to that.

The two sides also agreed to electronically link all environmental monitoring stations, as well as to provide technical support with regard to conducting environmental measurements between the two parties, and to form a joint committee between the Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Civil Aviation to implement the work of the protocol.



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