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Christmas celebrations affect wild birds.. they flee away from humans

A research team specializing in the study of animal behavior from the German Max Planck Institute and the Dutch Institute of Environmental Sciences revealed that setting off fireworks during the celebration of Christmas affects the behaviors and migration patterns of wild birds.

In their study, it was stated that the firing of fireworks affects the migration paths followed by wild birds, such as the Coptic geese, as they monitored the path of 347 Coptic geese during their flights between Germany, the Netherlands and Denmark, only to find that their path suddenly changed to other routes far from human gatherings.

Birds get scared because of fireworks
The study was conducted on four different species of polar geese, for a period of 24 days divided into 12 days before the Christmas celebrations, and 12 days after it ended, and it was shown that among the effects that occurred was that the birds that were exposed to fireworks had to rest for two hours less compared to other birds that flew in Normal conditions, and it flew longer distances without stopping, and these distances reached 500 kilometers sometimes.

The study explained: “The behavior of the birds that were exposed to fireworks remained different even after the end of the birthday celebrations, for example, the bird continued to eat for longer periods than usual, and then did not return to the areas scheduled for its usual time.”

She pointed out that birthday celebrations cause fear among birds and animals, and that a person who owns an animal can see that effect on him, and finds his pet feeling afraid.

Shocking behaviors of wild birds
The study also found that birds exposed to the surroundings of fireworks left their usual resting places, flying 16 kilometers away and at a higher altitude, between 40 and 150 metres.

For his part, Andrea Colzic, a researcher in the field of animal behavior and head of the study team, explained: “The additional distances that the birds flew through are shocking.

He continued: “We found that the birds are leaving their sleeping places and heading to areas farther away from humans, and the concentration of particles is decreasing, which strongly indicates that the birds are trying to flee to escape the fireworks.”



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