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Agricultural research provides a “prescription” for preserving crops from climate changes

Dr. Shaker Abul-Maati, a professor of climate at the Agricultural Research Center, said that farmers in Egypt have become sufficiently aware of the concept of climate change and the accompanying speed of fluctuations, especially after Egypt hosted the COP27 climate conference, and they can now explain the reason for the unusual cold and warm at such a time. of the year, noting that climate changes may be accompanied by some advantages.

The seriousness of the effects of climate change on crops is linked to the emergence of abnormal and extreme weather

Abu Al-Maati added, in a television interview, that field crops are basically considered “winter,” which makes the current weather very good for them. , and bouts of frost, which makes these severe negative effects on many crops, such as tomatoes and potatoes.

The professor of climate at the Agricultural Research Center stressed that protection from the impact of climate change requires good preparation of agricultural lands before planting, taking into account the drainage channels to drain the heavy rains and not accumulate them, which may lead to the death and suffocation of the roots and thus the death of the plant, with the need to put refined quantities of fertilizer for each plant. Crop in order for the crop to be able to cope with low temperatures, so that the plant does not suffer severely, with the operation of irrigation in the early morning, especially in sandy lands that suffer from extreme cold in order to facilitate the process of water reaching the root area, to work on warming the roots, so that the plant does not stop growing vital processes.



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