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African waters most affected by climate change

Dr. Diaa al-Din al-Qusi, a water expert, said that the high temperature raises the level of evaporation and affects the rain as well as the sea level, pointing out that water is human life and all life activities are based on it, including industry, agriculture, energy and transportation.

Al-Qusi explained, in a televised statement, that the global problem of water lies in distribution and consumption rates, as well as rainfall, pointing out that there are areas that suffer from floods and torrential rains, and other areas that suffer from drought, in addition to that there are areas in Africa whose basic life depends on rain, which are most vulnerable to the impact of climate change.

Dr. Diaa El-Din El-Qusi indicated that there are some African countries that suffer from water scarcity in a way that threatens the lives of their residents, pointing out that Egypt established the High Dam in order to store water and use it in power generation, as well as using it for drinking and irrigation at a time of low levels.

The water expert stressed that the major barrage projects on the Nile path are of great importance, as well as the early warning systems used in the Sinai Peninsula and the Red Sea, as they are the places most vulnerable to rainfall, pointing out that Egypt should pay attention to forecasts regarding rainfall, especially since water management decisively ensures safety. For the lives of peoples in light of the constant level of rain on the earthly villages.



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