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A workshop for people of determination on recycling and going green

Under the title “Recycling and Going Green”, the center organized a workshop at the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization in Fustat, a workshop for people of determination who are friends of the museum on recycling and using raw materials from the surrounding environment, within the framework of the museum’s keenness to activate its role as a cultural, educational, and To raise awareness among citizens from all segments of society.

Ms. Fayrouz Fekry, Vice President of the Museum Authority for Administration and Operation, explained that the workshop is one of the activities and events that the museum offers on an ongoing basis, within its objectives and its educational and community role towards promoting the concept of green environment and climate changes that the world is facing, through giving lectures and organizing educational and applied workshops for children and youth. To teach them green practices and the recycling process and how to preserve the environment and its importance to society and humanity, noting the museum’s keenness to involve people of determination in all activities offered by the museum as one of the most important policies and objectives of the museum to consolidate the concept of equal opportunities and raise awareness of groups such as people of determination and strive to integrate them into various groups of society .

Dr. Maha Swailem, Director of the Training Department, explained that during the workshop, the participants recycled a group of unused plastic materials, and learned the art of turning them into colorful pots, which they planted with some plants in the museum’s garden, and identified the types of plants in the museum’s garden, and the importance of their presence and role. Important in reducing emissions and harmful gases.



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