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A scientific study to extract green hydrogen from algae

Dr. Iman Shaker, Director of the Remote Sensing Center of the General Meteorological Authority, revealed the details of a scientific study to extract green hydrogen from algae, explaining that “green hydrogen has made a major breakthrough in energy production, because it is linked to the climate, and we have major industrial countries that depend on fossil fuels.” such as coal, petroleum and natural gas, in order to use it in industries, which was leading to pollution ».

Green hydrogen production strategy from water decomposition

And the director of the center added during a televised interview: “Recently, a strategy emerged to produce green hydrogen from water decomposition, and therefore a factory was opened in conjunction with the COP27 climate conference, where hydrogen is produced by separating oxygen and hydrogen molecules.”

Green hydrogen production from algae by “fermentation”

And the director of the center continued, “As for us, we produced green hydrogen from algae, and there are two ways to produce green hydrogen, the first is chemical and a biological method. Where we dry the algae and do the fermentation process.”

And the director of the Remote Sensing Center confirmed, “As for the source of the idea, we have Dr. Mustafa Al-Sheikh, the former vice president of Tanta University, who is considered the first school to produce biodiesel, and we started biohydrogen through research cooperation between universities and it was just a protocol, but we were very successful in it, and the first advantage of the project is the cost That we will not need a source of water that is used for drinking, but we can use wastewater and therefore we will benefit from polluted water with algae to produce hydrogen.



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