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“A day without a car”.. An Algerian initiative to preserve the environment

The authorities in Algeria announced the launch of the “Day Without a Car” initiative on Friday. The initiative establishes a culture of preserving the environment by preventing the use of any means of transportation in the streets of the capital.

Under the slogan of a day without a car, the capital, Algiers, will be on a date this Friday, with its streets cleared of means of transportation for a specified period of 10 hours.

A habit that the authorities have been doing for years.. and because the event this time coincides with the school holiday for the students.. it was decided that the process would extend over three Fridays, i.e. on the twenty-third and thirty-third of this month and also on the sixth of next January.

Khaled Emara, one of the organizers of this demonstration, says: “Recently, there are numbers that speak of three million cars entering the capital here, and this is a large number. Therefore, on Friday, we will ask citizens to use the means of transportation allocated by the state, such as the metro, tramway, and public buses.”

Wasif Khaled Emara told “Sky News Arabia”: “God willing, the program will be to establish a culture of preserving the environment and the surroundings.”

From the entrance to the main street of Martyr Didush Murad to Martyrs’ Square, passing through the central post office.



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