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A cooperation protocol between the environment and New Valley University to implement projects in the field of renewable energy

Dr. Yasmine Fouad, Minister of the Environment, witnessed the signing of a cooperation protocol between the Environmental Affairs Agency and the New Valley University. Solar energy as a renewable, environmentally friendly energy as an alternative to the use of fossil fuels (diesel), in all the buildings of the currently existing university city, with an amount of 2 million pounds.

Dr. Yasmine Fouad confirmed that the signing of the protocol comes within the framework of the Ministry of Environment’s endeavor to support and encourage pioneering environmental projects and their integration with the Egyptian state’s plan, which includes the application of mitigation and reduction mechanisms for non-environmentally friendly gas emissions, in compliance with international policies for reducing gas emissions that lead to global warming. Thermal energy and the occurrence of climate changes, through the expansion of the use and application of new and renewable energy, including solar energy as one of the types of clean, renewable and environmentally friendly energies and as an alternative to fossil fuels and electricity, within the framework of Egypt’s future vision to achieve the goals of sustainable development 2030, as well as Egypt’s energy vision and strategy 2035.

The Minister of Environment added that the general framework of environmental policy in Egypt includes protecting the Egyptian environment, reducing pollution rates, and raising the level of public awareness of environmental aspects through some policies such as increasing the trend towards green economic development that is less dependent on carbon, and supporting integrated management systems to provide a healthy environment for citizens. and activating the sustainable development policy. Including the environmental dimension in development projects and expanding support for small and medium enterprises in the field of environmental protection and spreading environmental awareness, in addition to addressing the harmful effects of climate change in coordination with the concerned authorities, with support and assistance for the implementation of new and renewable energy projects.

The Minister of Environment indicated that the projects to be funded according to the protocol include experimental and pioneering environmental projects that aim to ensure the application of new and renewable energy technology to include mitigation and reduction mechanisms for non-environmentally friendly gas emissions and also aim to protect natural and environmental resources from pollution, noting that the criterion for selecting projects to be funded is The project should have a clear environmental return that contributes to achieving economic growth, as well as achieving the Egyptian strategic goals for sustainable development in the field of environmental protection.

Dr. Ali Abu Sunna, head of the Environmental Affairs Agency, confirmed that the agency is committed, in accordance with the protocol, to providing direct financial support from the Environmental Protection Fund to the University of the New Valley, in order to implement a project aimed at changing the water heating system from using fossil fuels (diesel) to heating using solar energy as a friendly renewable energy. For the environment, and spreading the culture of using new and renewable energy, in all the buildings of the university city currently existing, with an amount of 2 million pounds, and spreading the culture of using new and renewable energy. The Environmental Affairs Agency should participate in the follow-up and implementation of the plan, timetable, and project evaluation. And also promotion through conferences and awareness seminars, to replicate the implementation of solar heater systems in other buildings.



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