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88.5million people in a Chinese province have been infected with Corona

The “Cairo News” channel reported that “Henan”, the third most populous Chinese province, has infected nearly 89% of the population with Covid 19, according to “Kan Kuancheng”, the Chinese official in the local health authority, and thus about 88.5 million people have died. Already infected with Covid, among the province’s population of nearly 100 million.

The official told reporters that the number of medical consultations related to fever reached its peak on December 19, and has been steadily declining since that date in Henan. At the very least, it is likely that the vast majority of Henan’s injuries occurred in the past few weeks, according to the British newspaper “The Guardian”.

The authorities expect a new epidemic wave during the celebration of the Lunar New Year on January 22, when millions of Chinese residents of cities visit their families in the countryside, and after 3 years of implementing the “zero Covid” policy, the most stringent in the world to combat the epidemic, China canceled last month completely. Most of its health measures against the virus were taken by surprise, and the number of infections multiplied dramatically, which put pressure on hospitals that were filled with elderly patients, and the number of corpses exceeded the capacity of the incinerators to absorb.



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